Huntington Council of Arts Sets Mission

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Huntington Council of Arts Sets Mission

Where no man or woman has venture before is not the mission of Huntington Mayor Steve Williams Council for the Arts. But, his promise to develop and recognize the creative community in the city strives "to foster creativity and innovation in a constructive environment in education, government, wellness, business and nonprofit and to define, express, thrive and celebrate our unique culture and experience."

The  public value statement for the Arts Council states, "Arts in Huntington, W.Va. (lots of green) contribute to environment, awareness of self and community, encourage creative thinking, and advance growth in the new creative economy and heighten the experience of life."

Mayor Williams told council that in his inaugural address he envisioned the creation of the council. The city's new city manager (formerly director of administration and finance) Margaret Mary Layne, former director of the Huntington Museum of Art attended her first arts council meeting lNov. 5, where the mission and mission statement were adopted. 

In a prior interview, Layne said, “Creativity is the buzz word for the future in every aspect of our lives."

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