By Tord Björk

Support 9 activists on trial in Reykjavik as well as spokes persons for
Climate Justice Action in Copenhagen.


Their protests were nonviolent, but
they are still accused of violent attack. Do this on facebook now:


The Icelandic people are the only ones so far that has been able to oust
their neoliberal government by a popular movement mass protests.
Interestingly from a climate justice perspective that much of the rebellion
was heralded by protests against the environmentally destructive corporate
projects opposed by Saving Iceland. The struggle during the escalating
economic crisis became so fierce that many windows of the parliament was
smashed but only property and no persons was attacked while the police used
tear gas for the first time since 1949 which did not stop the escalation.
The government had not much choice according to the Icelandic call out for
solidarity with rvk9.

). Give in or call in the
Danish military who waited in the outer harbour on their ships as the
country is to small for having police and military resources to control its
people when they are making a rebellion. The government chose to resign and
for the first time in 20 year the government was not dominated by the right
wing party. As such the Icelandic have set an example for the rest of
Europe. The only activists charged for anything during this rebellion are
the nine accused of violent attack on the parliament when in fact it was a
small non-violent action which one can see as heralding later more violent
attacks and thus has been singled out by the general secretary of the
parliament to tell the prosecutor to do something about, directly in
contradiction with the rule of separation of power in a democracy.

Climate Justice Action have confronted the neoliberal climate carbon trading
regime by a mass non-violent protests at the gates of the UN summit in
Copenhagen opening a space for everyone including Bolivias government to
challenge the present development model. In both cases the charges against
the activists are that they have been in different ways promoting violent
attacks, in both cases this is not true.

In both cases Nordic states that before were known to have more tolerance
towards protests now seems to turn into spearheads in new ways of oppressing
popular movements claiming non-violence to be sentenced as if it was
violence. At the same time in both cases this has gone so far that the
repressive systems shows some cracks. In Copenhagen spokes persons who were
preventively arrested and thus not at the spot during the non-violent action
have been sentenced by the court as not guilty and the mass arrests of
thousands of demonstrators declared illegal by the court. In the case of
Iceland all mass media have been promoting a view of the 9 activists as
violent and also many politicians from all parties. But the foreign minister
have now witnessed in the court in favour of the activists, he claimed to
have done the same thing in 1976 without anyone then pushing charges and the
social democratic prime minister have also on facebook stated that it is
somewhat odd that the first trial that takes place after the economic
collapse is against 9 activists when there has been much more severe things
to address, which for everyone is interpreted as the severe economic
corruption that sometimes lies behind the economic collapse were some few
made fortunes and many lost much of their savings in both Iceland and

So by supporting the activists in Iceland and in Denmark you can make a
difference and help dismantling the repressive politics carried out by a
symbiosis between mass media and politicians and strengthen democracy which
can be of international importance.