PARALLEL UNIVERSE: Sending Money to Countries That Hate Us Makes No Sense at All

By David M. Kinchen

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.  -- Winston S. Churchill (1874-1965)

Churchill  should know: his mother, Jennie Jerome, was an American! From Brooklyn!

I just [Saturday  a.m. 12/13/14] saw on "Forbes on Fox" on Fox News Channel a panel discussion on why is Congress is talking about sending  $498 billion in foreign aid to corrupt countries that hate us, including Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq. Steve Forbes said that this kind of foreign "aid" only contributes to the inherent corruption of the above countries, along with most of African nations.

I say Amen!  Rand Paul, following in the footsteps of his dad, Ron Paul, my former Congressman,  said the same thing on May 3, 2013 in a Facebook posting and in an op-ed in The Washington Times. 

Here's the Facebook posting: "Nations such as Egypt and Pakistan now regularly receive billions of our dollars with no reasonable amount of oversight or enforceable conditions. This must end."

And here's the link to the Op-ed:

 In the op-ed, Paul says:

 "There are many examples of waste, theft and misuse of our military aid to countries such as Egypt and Pakistan. Much of this misuse has been recorded by the State Department. We have laws as part of the Arms Export Control Act that require President Obama to report to Congress violations by foreign countries of the conditions of their aid. Theft of funds or equipment, or the misuse of defense articles, would qualify in this regard."If a substantial violation is discovered, that country can be deemed ineligible for further U.S. military aid. To my knowledge, this has never actually occurred. Still, the abuse and misuse continues, as does American taxpayer dollars flowing to countries that behave in this fashion."Foreign aid continues even when substantial violations by various countries are regularly uncovered. "

                                                                     * * *

If Congress sees fit to release the CIA torture report -- which could hurt us immeasurably overseas -- why can't they release the kind of information Sen. Rand Paul wants about "abuses and misuse" of money we don't have that we're sending to countries that wish us the worst kind of ill?

The "right thing" is to stop sending money we don't have to all countries now receiving foreign aid, allies and others included. I've said this before and am only repeating it. We need whatever money we can dig up to solve our domestic problems. End all foreign aid and let the non-profits and NGOs take up whatever needful slack arises. And what I say about foreign aid applies to our allies, including Israel.

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