PSC Orders West Virginia American Water to Release More Information

Updated 4 years ago Edited from a Press Release

The Public Service Commission of West Virginia today ordered West Virginia American Water Company (WVAWC) to make more information available to the public relating to last January’s chemical spill that contaminated its water source for more than 100,000 customers. 

The Commission is conducting a General Investigation into WVAWC’s reaction to the spill.  WVAWC had recently filed documents containing certain information that the company seeks to with-hold from the public.  The Order states that those documents were “significantly over-redacted.”   The company is now required to produce a revised redaction of those documents no later than 4:00 pm., Friday, January 16.

          WVAWC argued, and the Commission agreed, that some of the information and data requested should be protected from public disclosure in the interest of security of its system.   In November, the company was ordered to file “highly sensitive confidential information” under seal, and to provide redacted versions that would be publicly available.   At the time, the Commission cautioned WVAWC to “use a light hand in redacting its documents.”

          After reviewing the documents, the Commission stated that it is apparent that WVAWC ignored its warning and significantly over-redacted those documents.   In some instances, it even redacted information that is available in the public domain such as the names of elected officials, corporate officers and even the Commission’s 1-800 phone number.

          WVAWC serves 550,000 customers in 14 West Virginia counties.   More information may be obtained from the PSC website: and referencing Case No. 14-0872-W-GI.

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