Political Satire: Portsmouth Considering Marting Building for City Offices ... Again

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  Unlike the progressive rehabbing of downtown buildings in Huntington, many cities suffer from population shifts that left sprawling amounts of real estate in their downtown empty and deteriorating.

Detroit has been recognized as a photographic paradise for those seeking abandoned structures, specifically large ones like hotels, department stores, and theaters. Ironically, as walk to work has become popular, over mall'ed larger cities have vacancies there too. (Video courtesy of You Tube.)

Looking down the Ohio River, the 135 year old Marting Department Store has been rotting in Portsmouth. Voters have continually declined to refurb the building as a city office center.

Former Shawnee State University professor, Robert Forrey, pens a column River Vices.

According to Dr. Forrey, politicians there have not yet given up, but, unfortunately, they have not tried to reinvent their original proposals.

by Robert Forrey

As hard as it is to believe, the empty, leaky, moldy, politically radioactive 135-year-old Marting building is  yet again being pushed as the home for city offices in spite of voters having turned it down again and again.

How proudly, how reverently
A gift from Marting’s was given,
For Marting’s imparted unto Appalachia
A little touch of heaven—





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