DEVOTION: Healing & Hope

by Beth Bondurant

"The moon on the new fallen snow gives a luster of midday to objects below."


The glittering sparkle of ice crystals dancing on a smooth white blanket of snow brings an enchanting brightness to the outside world... even at midnight.


It takes time... yet somehow even in the harsh realities of desolation and grief... the candle of hope never ceases to flicker.


Flowers...candles... words... music... continual visitations... drape the area of the Tucson tragedy... with healing and hope.


"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who lived in a land of deep darkness — on them light has shined."


Yet there will still be endless hours of rehabilitation... medicines... procedures... a very slow and painful return to life that will never be the same.


It is within the darkness that we are made more aware of the light.


O God... how long will it take. It seems that we just are able to return to a semblance of wholeness when another blow shatters our faith and sends us tumbling into the darkness of despair.  Forgive us when we fall away from the light of your love even when it surrounds us with constant radiance.  Open our eyes to the beauty of your grace that comes and brings back the luster and splendor of meaningful living... being loved and having that love flow in and around us towards others.  Throw over my heart, mind, body and spirit your blanket of resplendent peace.  Thank You for each and every sparkle that reminds us of your constant wisdom and truth... your sacrificial love and mercy that lights our path and leads us to Shalom.  We earnestly desire to walk through the darkness... glowing with the light of Your healing and hope.

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