HNN Staff

As a result of school missed due to inclement weather, Cabell County Schools is announcing the following makeup days:

· May 25 -    for school missed December 13 (Code Red)

· May 26 -    for school missed December 16 (Code Red)

· May 27 -    for school missed December 17 (Code Blue)

· May 31 -    for school missed January 12 (Code Red)

· June 1 -     for school missed January 13 (Code Orange)

· June 2 -     for school missed January 21 (Code Blue)

These six days were originally scheduled as Outside Environment (OSE) Days.  OSE Days allow the district to miss school in emergency situations while ensuring students receive 180 days of instruction.  Had no inclement weather occurred, school would have been closed on these days.  As a result of missed school, the last day of school for students will now be June 2, 2011.