Winter Storm Response Plan for Feb. 20-21, 2015

Winter Storm Response Plan for Feb. 20-21, 2015

A storm warning for Friday and Saturday has resulted in the following action plan released by the City of Huntington regarding road clearances:

* The City of Huntington has had 5 trucks salting and plowing since early Friday morning, Feb. 20. The city’s primary focus has been on side streets, as most primary roads are now clear.

* The city will plow and salt through late Friday afternoon before providing Public Works employees a break this evening. They will deploy again at 11 p.m. Friday.

* This deployment will last for up to 24 hours through the use of two shifts if needed.

* The 11 p.m. deployment time is subject to change and will be adjusted depending on the weather forecast heading into this evening.

* Through the city’s ongoing partnership with the West Virginia Division of Highways, there will be as many as 11 trucks salting and plowing overnight and into Saturday.


* The West Virginia Division of Highways treats the following state-designated routes in the City of Huntington: Waverly Road, Madison Avenue, 5th Street, 8th Street, 31st Street, Hal Greer Boulevard, Veterans Memorial Boulevard, 3rd Avenue, 5th Avenue and 8th Avenue.


* City trucks will work in three zones that cover the entire city. The city will focus on the following roadways, but please note that this list is subject to change depending on the conditions. The city also will work with the West Virginia Division of Highways to treat side streets as time and conditions allow.



Zone 1

All bridges and underpasses

Stamford Park

Arlington Park

Norway Avenue (20th Street to Larkspur)

Washington Boulevard (U.S. 60 to Woodland Drive)

Roby Road (U.S. 60 to Washington Boulevard

28th Street (Roby Road to 8th Avenue)

Areas around St. Mary’s Medical Center and Hospice of Huntington


Zone 2

All bridges and underpasses

Kings Highway

Grand Boulevard

Forest Road

Gallaher Street

Fairfax Drive

Washington Boulevard (Woodland Drive to 16th Street)

Camelot Drive

Military Road/Crestmont Drive

Ricketts Road

Areas around Cabell Huntington Hospital


Zone 3

All bridges and underpasses

8th Street/McCoy Road

Enslow Boulevard (Hal Greer Boulevard to Ritter Park)

13th Avenue (8th to 12th streets)

Ridgewood Road

1st Street (3rd Avenue to North Boulevard)

Honeysuckle Lane

Beechwood Avenue

Edgemont Road

Harveytown Road

Memorial Park Drive

Arthur Street

Madison Avenue/Piedmont Road (17th Street West to Spring Valley Bridge)

Carson Street (Spring Valley Bridge to Waverly Road)

Auburn Road

Brandon Road

Camden Road

Jefferson Avenue

Jackson Avenue

4th Avenue

6th Avenue

20th Street

10th Street (Veterans Memorial Boulevard to 8th Avenue)

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