Governor Tomblin Signs FY2016 Budget Bill with Targeted Reductions

Special to HNN From a Gov. Tomblin Press Statement
CHARLESTON, W.Va. (March 24, 2015) – Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has signed House Bill 2016, the budget bill for Fiscal Year 2016, with targeted cuts.  In January, Gov. Tomblin presented the Legislature with a responsible, balanced budget that took into account the tough budget year.

“As a longtime legislator and former Finance Committee chairman, I respect the hard work legislators put into the budget and the difficult choices they face when choosing how to allocate state dollars to best serve all West Virginians,” Gov. Tomblin said. “West Virginia has a reputation of being one of the most fiscally responsible states in the country. We’ve worked hard to earn that distinction, and I remain committed to finding ways to reduce government expenditures and minimize use of the Rainy Day Fund.”

Gov. Tomblin adjusted 46 line items representing a total of nearly $11 million from the FY 2016 budget, which includes a $14.8 million withdrawal from the Rainy Day Fund.

“Our six-year projections show we will again have surpluses in the coming years,” Gov. Tomblin said. “That additional revenue, which will become available as we pay off long-term liabilities such as the old workers’ compensation fund debt, can be used to provide extra funding in several critical areas. But those funding increases cannot occur if we increase the baseline budget in 2016. I am committed to maintaining fiscally responsible policies now and into the future.”

The total general revenue budget for FY 2016 is $4.296 billion.

To read the budget letter in its entirety, click here.
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