Special to HNN from a Provided Press Release

To introduce Nanotechnology as well as its practical applications for economic development and business opportunities, a seminar at the Holiday Inn Express Civic Center in downtown Charleston is scheduled October 12 at 6 p.m.

Hosted by the Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing (RCBI) and the Marshall University Center for Diagnostic Nanosystems, the NASA-sponsored seminar will convene Nanotechnology experts to introduce the exciting prospects of this innovative technology for industry and the business community.

Dr. Craig Friedrich, an expert from Michigan Technological University will address the seminar, providing an overview about the “Economic Potential of The Nanotechnology Industry.”

“The potential economic impact that West Virginia stands to realize from the use of Nanotechnology is little short of enormous,” said Charlotte Weber, Director & CEO of RCBI. “Nanotechnology’s job creation in manufacturing, healthcare research and other fields promises to be truly significant. The ability to bring national experts to West Virginia to speak about what’s ongoing and where the technology is heading is a tremendous opportunity for us. The importance of these seminars can’t be overstated.”

Nanotechnology is the study, manipulation and manufacture of ultra-small structures and machines made up of as few as one moleculeExperts say these activities will open unprecedented commercial opportunities. The National Science Foundation predicts that Nanotechnology will blossom into a $1 trillion industry within the next nine years.

The event teams Marshall University, RCBI, the Center for Diagnostic Nanosystems, NASA and Michigan Technological University for the first in a series of seminars, funded in part by a NASA educational grant.