by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
May 2011 File Photo
May 2011 File Photo

 HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – Word came May 26 after unusually torrential spring rains: ““Hill is coming down on friend’s house off Johnstown Road. Financially out of reach. Insurance won’t cover. Three families face total loss. Who can help? We have manpower.”

At that time, public works director David Hagley said no  one had determined who owns or has liability for the shifting hill.

According to an email from advocate Mark Caserta, the City of Huntington last week  made a determination. They filed a complaint against Lemley and his family “for not taking action to clear their slide.”

However, Mayor Wolfe and City Attorney Scott Caserta explained that the action came from the Unsafe Building Commission. It's not a law suit. The house(s) have been added to a list of property in the city considered uninhabitable.

At this time, the options of the Commission and Lemley's are unspecified.

Still , Mark Caserta repeated  “words escape me... Not providing assistance to a family in desperate need is one thing, but [this]  takes it to a new level of apathy and disregard for humanity.”

The Lemley’s live in a residence out Harvey Road near Christ Temple Church. At the time of efforts to impede the sliding hill, “private property” was given as the reason for governmental non-intervention.