Huntington Council Voting on 'Offensive Touching'

Updated 4 years ago by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Huntington Council Voting on 'Offensive Touching'

Huntington City Council will vote Monday night, May 11, on an amendment to the definition of 'battery' to add 'offensive touching.' The alteration follows an incident in which a fourteen year old girl received an unwanted kiss from a male.

The category is not addressed in the city's current ordinance.

This alteration is unrelated to the pending charges filed against Steward Butler accused of punching a same sex couple who were kissing downtown.

Council's agenda also includes approving funds to finish the Old Main Corridor and a $40,000 public works allocation for environmental remedial work at the city garage.

Two resolutions authorize Mayor Steve Williams to apply for port security grants from the Department of Homeland Security which would , if approved, allow the construction of a $265,000 microwave link to improve communication with other cities along the Ohio River. A second application for $656,992.00 would be allocated for improving radio communications within the city limits, including portable units for firefighters.

The Water Quality Board/Storm Water Division has asked for a funds transfer which covers costs of draining a pond at the Dietz Hollow Landfill and leeche costs for the remainder of the year.

The Full agenda can be read here:


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