Scammers are trying to access personal information from business owners using fraudulent emails.

Updated 4 years ago From a News Release by WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey
CHARLESTON — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is warning business owners of a fraudulent email from the Federal Trade Commission that claims to deal with a “pending consumer complaint.”

The email warns that a complaint against the business has been filed with the FTC and requests that the owner click on a link. Clicking on the link may install malware on a computer that can cause the device to crash. Malware also can be used to monitor and control a person’s online activity, steal his or her personal information, send spam, and commit fraud.
“Sometimes e-mails like this can be very deceiving. This particular email uses an FTC logo, references the Consumer Credit Protection Act, and mentions a formal investigation,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “It’s easy to understand why people might believe these e-mails are legitimate, but the fact is they’re not.”
Morrisey said business owners should follow these safety tips if they receive an email alerting them of a complaint:
  • Look for strange phrasing, improper grammar and suspicious sender e-mail addresses; all are good indicators of a spam message.
  • Do not click on links embedded in e-mails or respond to the message. If you do click on a link, immediately run a complete virus scan on your computer
  • Forward the email to, and then delete as soon as you do.
“We encourage business owners to call our Consumer Protection Office at 1-800-368-8808 or the FTC directly with questions about any suspicious emails they have received,” said Morrisey.
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