No Funding Removed for Skatepark

Updated 3 years ago by Brian Chambers, Director of Communications City of Huntington

The City of Huntington is seeking to clarify Incorrect information that has circulated recently regarding funding for the second phase of the skate park at Harris Riverfront Park.

The Community Development Block Grant budget, which was unanimously approved by Huntington City Council on May 11 and signed by Mayor Steve Williams on May 15, includes $15,000 for the second phase of the skate park. The budget has since been submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which oversees the CDBG program.

No attempts were made by the administration or by City Council members to reduce the $15,000 amount for the skate park. Any attempts to change the funding amount moving forward would require a lengthy application to HUD, followed by a public hearing and approval by City Council.

During the City Council meeting Monday evening, council members approved a budget revision that included a reclassification of $5,000 that had already been spent on the skate park. The funds were reclassified from a regular expense to a capital expense, as directed by the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office. This reclassification in no way affected CDBG funding or any other funding source for the skate park.

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