Statement from Delegate Mike Caputo (D-Marion) on the Expiration of Prevailing Wage

From Press Release

Delegate Mike Caputo (D-Marion) said the Republican Legislative Leadership’s decision to allow the state Prevailing Wage for most state construction projects to expire, rather than giving state officials adequate time to collect essential information, is irresponsible.


“As representatives of West Virginia taxpayers, all legislators should be concerned with ensuring that our state has a successful, thriving construction industry, and that taxpayer money is spent on projects that are fairly bid, using local workers,” Caputo said. “Despite the strong objections of the Democrat members of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Government and Finance, the Republican members voted to deny WorkForce West Virginia the time needed to get this right. Republican legislators talk repeatedly about the need to provide a predictable, stable business environment, yet by taking this action, they have done just the opposite, adding uncertainty and instability.


“The House Speaker and Senate President should take steps immediately to correct this.”