TAKE TWO WEEKEND FIRST: Weekly Movie Comings/Goings November 11, 2011

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Twilight Coming Nov 17
Twilight Coming Nov 17

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) -  Three films, including Clint Eastwood's latest directorial effort, J. Edgar, open this weekend, but they are all somewhat anti-climatic. Everyone awaits next week's newest Twilight Saga in which Belle becomes pregnant. "Breaking Dawn" will open at 12:01 a.m. Thursday night/Friday morning in most cinemas; others will begin the celebration with a triple feature of the first three flicks from the series beginning around 4 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. (Separate admission required; does not include admission to the midnight  "Breaking Dawn").

COURAGEOUS MINI REVIEW REMINDER: If you liked/loved "Fireproof," then catch "Courageous" before its theatrical run comes to an end. The film's message about fatherless families comes in a Christian perspective. It's a little on the Baptist preachy side (in places), but the evangelical message goes with the territory of ethical and moral choices among four members of the police department. Although it takes courage to bust the bad guys, sometimes, more tenacity comes from working out problems in your family or making ethical decisions at work, even when a stand means turning in evidence against a fellow officer. The acting is above average (no award winners), and, the decisions made have consequences beyond the immediate. Cool car chase and shoot out.

TOWER HEIST: Hand out a toast to The Donald for the year's most visible yet subtle product placement. The structure used for the film is Trump Tower, but that's in small print as the credit's roll. The premise combines comedy and drama as a group of service workers suffer the fate of a Bernie Madoff styled character --- their pensions have been flittered away. Instead of accepting BROKE, they form a "gang" and stage their own robbery retribution. Eddie Murphy brings his acting career back from rigor mortis playing a small time crook now playing with the big dudes. Filled with twists, turns and tweaks (I won't give away the red car secret), the amateurs combine their knowledge of "routines" at the building for an attempt to bring justice to those whose savings has been swiped.

MAINSTREAM:  Jack & Jill, Immortals; J. Edgar

ON DECK NOV 18: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One; Happy Feet II;


Jack and Jill Starts Nov 11
Jack and Jill Starts Nov 11

MARQUEE PULLMAN SQUARE:  J. Edgar, 12:10-3:20-6:30-9:35; Immortals 3D , 12:45-3:45-6:45-9:30; Immortals 2D, 1:30-4:30-7:15-10:00; Jack and Jill, 11:40-12:30-2:00-2:50-4:20-5:10-7:00-7:30-9:20-9:50; Tower Heist, 11:50-2:20-4:50-7:20-10:00; Harold Kumar 3D Christmas, 12:30-2:50-5:10-7:40-10:00; CONTINUING EXCLUSIVE: Courageous, 12:30-6:30; TIME CHANGES: Rum Diary 4:00-9:15 only; Three Musketeers, 4:10-9:45 only; Real Steel, 1:10-6:45 only; 50/50, 1:20-6:50; Moneyball, 3:30-9:30 only; ENDS THURSDAY: Mighty Macs; Dolphin Tale;  THURSDAY NOV 17, 12:01 A.M., Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1; TWILIGHT TRIPLE FEATURE (Separate Admission)  THURSDAY NOV 17 ONLY: Twilight, 4:00; New Moon, 6:20 ; Eclipse, 8:50; TWILIGHT SAGA BREAKING DAWN STARTS NOV 18, 1:00-4:00-7:00-9:45 (more screens likely to be added) ; For advance sales/showtimes, http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26187

DOWNTOWN DISCOUNT CINEMA: FINAL CURTAIN ,  http://www.ourshowtimes.com


MARQUEE SOUTHRIDGE: J. Edgar, 12:10-3:20-6:30-9:35; Jack and Jill, 11:40-12:20-2:10-2:40-4:30-5:10-7:00-7:30-9:20-9:50; Immortals 3D, 12:45-3:45-6:45-9:30; Immortals 2D, 1:20-4:20-7:20-10:00; CONTINUING IN 3D: Puss n Boots 11:40-2:00-4:15; Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, 12:10-2:40-5:00-7:20-9:45; CONTINUING:  Tower Heist, 11:40-2:10-4:40-7:00-9:40; TIME CHANGES: Real Steel 4:20 only; Courageous, 6:35 only; Rum Diary 9:35 only; In Time, 1:20-7:15-9:30 only; ENDS THURSDAY: 50/50; Big Year; Three Musketeers; Ides of March;  THURSDAY NOV 17, 12:01 A.M., Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1; THURSDAY NOV 17 ONLY: Twilight, 4:00; New Moon, 6:20 ; Eclipse, 8:50; For advance sales/showtimes, http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26192

Immortals Starts Nov. 11
Immortals Starts Nov. 11

PARK PLACE STADIUM CINEMAS: Jack and Jill, 1:10-3:10-5:10-7:10-9:10; Immortals (2D),12:35 - 2:55 - 5:15 - 7:35 - 9:55; CONTINUING:  A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, 1:05-3:05-5:05-7:05-9:05; Tower Heist, 12:45-3:00-5:15-7:30-9:45; In Time, 12:30-2:50-5:10-7:30-9:50; Puss 'n Boots 3D, 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00' Puss 'n Boots 2D, 1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30; TIME CHANGES: None ENDS THURSDAY: Real Steel; Rum Diaries ; ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE 12 MIDNIGHT THURSDAY NOV 17, TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN, Starts Nov. 18 , 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:30-9:55;  For full schedule: http://www.ourshowtimes.com



MARQUEE GALLERIA 14: J. Edgar, 12:15-3:30-6:30-9:30; Jack & Jill, 11:45-12:15-2:00-2:30-4:15-4:45-6:30-7:00-9:15-9:45; Immortals 3D, 12:00-3:00-6:15-9:10; Immortals 2D, 1:00-4:00-6:45-9:30; CONTINUING:  Tower Heist, 11:45-2:15-4:45-7:15-9:45; Harold Kumar Christmas 3D, 12:15-2:30-4:50-7:00-9:30; TIME CHANGES: Puss n Boots 3D, 12:00-2:15-4:30 ONLY; Rum Diary 4:00 only; Dolphin Tale 2D, 6:45 only; Three Musketeers, 9:25 only; In Time, 1:00-6:50-9:25; ENDS THURSDAY: Dream House; Big Year; Thing; ADVANCE SALES THURSDAY NOV 17, 12:01 A.M., Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1; THURSDAY NOV 17 ONLY: Twilight, 4:00; New Moon, 6:20 ; Eclipse, 8:50; For advance sales/showtimes, http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26190


 TAKE TWO WEEKEND FIRST: Weekly Movie Comings/Goings November 11, 2011

MARQUEE WYTHEVILLE 8: Immortals 3D, 4:10-7:00, 2D, 9:40 and Fri/Sat/Sun 1:10; Jack & Jill, 4:40-7:10-9:30, Fri/Sat/Sun Mat. 12:00-2:20; Tower Heist, 4:25-7:00-9:30, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:50; Harold Kumar 3D Christmas, 4:50-7:20-9:50, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:10-2:25; TIME CHANGES:  In Time, 3:50-6:30; Puss 'n Boots 2D, 4:45-7:10-9:30, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:15-2:30; Real Steel, 9:10 daily, Fri/Sat/Sun Mat. 12:40; ENDS THURSDAY: Rum Diary; Three Musketeers;  ADVANCE TICKETS   on Sale for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One , Nov. 17, 12:01 a.m.; Also, THURSDAY NOV 17 ONLY: Twilight 4:00, New Moon, 6:20, Eclipse, 8:50; http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26204


TEAYS VALLEY CINEMAS: Immortals 3D, 10:30*-1:30-4:30-7:00-9:45; Jack & Jill, 11:00*-1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:25; Tower Heist, 10:50*-1:00-3:10-5:20-7:30-9:40; Harold and Kumar Christmas 3D, 11:00*-1:15-3:15-5:15-7:15-9:45; ENDS THURSDAY: Three Musketeers 3D;  Dolphin Tale; ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE : Twilight, Breaking Dawn Starting Nov. 17;  For full schedule and showtimes visit: http://www.franktheatres.com



MARQUEE SENECA SHOWCASE: Tower Heist, 4:00-6:50-9:30*, Fri/Sat/Sun Mat. 1:00, Mon-Thursday, 5:00-7:30 only; Puss 'n Boots, 4:30-7:00-9:30*, Fri/Sat/Sun Mat. 12:00-2:15, Mon-Thurs. 5:15-7:30;  ENDS THURSDAY: None; ADVANCE TICKETS ON SALE, TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN, 12:01 A.M, NOV 17;  http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26222

Puss 'n Boots
Puss 'n Boots



FOUNTAIN PLACE STADIUM: Immortals, 4:35*-7:00*-9:35, Fri/Sat/Sun Mat. 12:05-2:15 (*=3D); Jack and Jill, 4:50-7:15-9:25, Fri/Sat/Sun Mat. 12:40-2:45; TIME CHANGES: In Time, 9:40 only; Puss n Boots 2D, 5:00-7:25, Fri/Sat/Sun Mat. 1:00-3:00; ENDS THURSDAY: Real Steel;  THURSDAY NOV 17 ONLY: Twilight (double feature) Eclipse/ Breaking Dawn begins 9 p.m., BREAKING DAWN: Midnight on 5 Screens; STARTS NOV 18, BREAKING DAWN, 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:30-10:00;  For full schedule , including tickets/showtimes, http://www.ourshowtimes.com



MARQUEE NICHOLAS SHOWPLACE: Jack and Jill, 4:50-7:10-9:40*, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:10-2:30, Mon-Thurs. 5:10-7:30; Tower Heist, 4:00-7:00-9:35*,  Mon-Thursday, 5:00-7:35; Harold Kumar 3D Christmas, 5:00-7:20-9:45*, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:20-2:40, Mon-Thurs., 5:20-7:40; In Time, 1:00 Sat/Sun ONLY;  Puss 'n Boots 3D, 4:45-7:05-9:30*, Sat/Sun Mat. 12:00-2:20, Mon-Thurs. 5:05-7:30 ; ENDS THURSDAY: Paranormal Activity ; Advance Tickets on Sale for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One , Nov. 17, 12:01 a.m.; Also, THURSDAY NOV 17 ONLY: Twilight 4:00, New Moon, 6:20, Eclipse, 8:50;http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26220


In Time
In Time


MARQUEE MCDOWELL 3: Immortals, 4:15-6:50-9:30*, Sat/Sun Mat. 1:45, Mon-Thursday, 5:00-7:40; Jack and Jill, 4:20-7:10-9:40*, Sat/Sun Mat. 2:00, Mon-Thurs. 5:10-7:25; Tower Heist, 7:00-9:35*, Mon-Thursday, 7:35; Puss in Boots, 4:45, Sat/Sun Mat. 2:15, Mon -Thurs. 5:20;  (*No Sunday Late show);  ENDS THURSDAY: Footloose; In Time; Advance Tickets on Sale for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One , Nov. 17, 12:01 a.m.; COMING, THURSDAY NOV 17 ONLY: Twilight 4:00, New Moon, 6:20, Eclipse, 8:50; http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26221


MARQUEE HIGHLANDS 14:  Immortals 3D, 1:15-4:15-7:00-9:45; Immortals 2D, 12:45-3:20-6:30-9:10; Jack and Jill, 1:45-4:10-6:45-9:20; Tower Heist, 1:10-3:50-6:30-9:10; Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, 1:30-4:30-7:20-9:50; In Time, 1:30-4:30-7:15-9:50; Puss 'n Boots 3D, 1:45-4:15-7:00-9:30; Puss 'n Boots 2D, 1:15-3:45-6:30-9:00; Rum Diary, 1:00-4:00-6:50-9:40; TIME CHANGES: 50/50, 9:20 only; Courageous, 12:45-3:45 only; Dolphin Tale , 1:10-3:50; Moneyball, 6:45-9:40 only; Three Musketeers 6:50-9:40 only; Real Steel, 1:00-4:00-6:50 onlly; ENDS THURSDAY:Thing  ; Advance Tickets on Sale for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One , Nov. 17, 12:01 a.m.; Also, THURSDAY NOV 17 ONLY TRIPLE FEATURE (Separate Admission) : Twilight 4:00, New Moon, 6:20, Eclipse, 8:50; http://www.marqueecinemas.com/location.asp?location=26189



Contagion, The world panics as doctors race to find a cure for a rapidly spreading virus that kills its victims within days stars Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyenth Palthrow, Kate Winslet

Dream House : Daniel Craig stars with Naomi Watts in what sounds like a regrind of “Amnityville Horror.” A family moves into a home where several grisly murders were committed; now, they are the targets

Moneyball , Brad Pitt stars as a baseball manager on a tight budget taking a new approach to put a team on the field.


NOVEMBER 11: The Immortals; Jack & Jill; J. Edgar;



Happy Feet II;

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One in 3D;


Arthur Christmas: You finally learn how Santa delivers all that sleigh full of presents in one night.


HUGO: Hugo tells the story of an orphan boy living a secret life in the walls of a Paris train station. With the help of an eccentric girl, he searches for the answer to a mystery linking the father he recently lost, the ill-tempered toy shop owner living below him and a heart shaped lock, seemingly without a key. Based on Brian Selznick's award winning and imaginative New York Times bestseller, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, this magical tale is Academy Award(R)-winner Martin Scorsese's first film shot in 3D.

DECEMBER 2: Shame:

DECEMBER 9: New Year's Eve; The Sitter;

DECEMBER 16: Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows; Alvin & Chipmunks Shipwrecked;  Young Adult; Carnage; Iron Lady;


Adventures of Tintin:

Darkest Hour :

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Dec 21):

We Bought a Zoo:

Girl with Dragon Tattoo:

Extremely Loud;  ( Limited Dec  25; wide Jan. 20):

War Horse:

JANUARY 6 2012

The Possession: The film is a fictional retelling of Los Angeles Times writer Leslie Gornstein's article "Jinx in a Box" about an antique wooden box purchased on eBay which reportedly had been brought to America by a Holocaust survivor after World War II. The box, supposedly containing an evil spirit, brought devastating effects to a series of buyers. Inspired by these real events, "The Possession" centers around a cursed relic containing mysterious familial tokens that is mistakenly purchased and its new owner must solve its mystery to save her own family. (Latest Gossip News)


Contraband; Joyful Noise; Man on a Ledge; Premium Rush; Thousand Words;


Haywire; Red Tails; Underworld Awakening; Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close


  Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" tells the story of one young boy's journey from heartbreaking loss to the healing power of self-discovery, set against the backdrop of the tragic events of September 11,


JAN 27

AMITYVILLE HORROR: Lost Tapes; The Grey; One for the Money;

FEB 3 2012

Chronicle; Everybody Loves Whales; Woman in Black;

FEB 10, 2012

Journey 2 Mysterious Island; Safe House; The Vow; STAR WAR EPISODE I PHANTOM MENACE 3D

FEB 17, 2012

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance; Act of Valor; Secret World of Arrietty; This Means War

FEB 24, 2012

Devil Inside; Gone



And, for a glimpse of next year, here's where to watch clips of The Avengers: http://www.movieinsider.com/m4240/5/the-avengers/

 (May 4) The Avengers

(May 11) Dark Shadows; Dictator; What to Expect When You're Expecting;

(May 18) Battleship

(May 25) Men in Black III in 3D


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