OP ED COLUMN: Billionaire Receives Millions in Tax Credits for his Company

Updated 4 years ago From a Release by WV GOP
CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Billionaire Democrat candidate Jim Justice is at the taxpayer trough again. This time, it's for millions more in tax credits for his Greenbrier resort and casino. You'd assume the richest man in the state didn't need much help. 

But according to a Charleston Gazette article this weekend, Justice and his resort stand to gain millions from the bonuses approved by the Democrat-led legislature in 2004.
Justice cited the need to be "exploiting our tourism value", but it's his companies that stand to gain $9.5 million for the practice facilities built for the New Orleans Saints, which can get a 35% tax credit for their construction. Justice entities control three of the four "tourism" projects that applied for millions in tax credits. 
The law approving those credits was expanded in 2014 with the help of still more liberal Democrats in the legislature, and was written to SOLELY provide tax credits specifically for one hotel-- The Greenbrier.
"These insider, multi-million dollar handouts are over. It's insulting to West Virginia that one man could bully a legislative body into doing favors for him, and no one else, at the detriment of our state's taxpayers." said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "He used the word 'exploit', and that's exactly what the Democrat Party has done to West Virginia for 85 years. 
We deserve open and honest government that deals fairly for all West Virginians, not just billionaires and their pals. Our Republican-led legislature will not stand for nonsense like this. 
Rest assured that our leadership team, from Sen. Bill Cole and Speaker Tim Armstead to Attorney General Patrick Morrisey will ensure that these back-room handout deals are over, for the sake of our state."
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