OP ED: Two Hearings on Massive Water and Sewer Hikes by American Water on Thursday, Oct. 1; Customers, and Groups Plan to Fight Rate Increases

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  TO THE EDITOR:   Public comment hearings on WV American Water rate increase request for up to 30% be held in  Huntington on Thursday, Oct 1 at both 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 pm. at 519 John Marshall Drive. Huntington, WV .This is the Foundation Hall Building, on the south side of 5th Ave.in the 1600 block. 

  American Water is asking for a 28 percent increase in rates. But for residential use, it will increase 30 %, again unfairly targeting people in favor of businesses. American Water wants a 22% rate increase for its sewer customers.   

    Many consumers  are questioning this action. In fact, there may be enough public opposition to stop this increase or at least mitigate it.   Yes, you shouldn't have to spend time standing up for your rights, but with such massive increase requests,  it is imperative that each and every consumer attend and support opposition rather just gripe later.

    Since many allege that American water fails to replace and maintain infrastructure in a timely manner, is there anyway it can be taken over as sort of  public nonprofit utility, rather than allow the system to  become more antiquated each year.

    Some issues previously raised by others are quoted below.

    "- WV American Water is proposing a 28% average rate increase - for residential customers, the proposed rate increase is actually 30%

    - WV American Water is not doing enough to ensure a safe and reliable water system and they should not be rewarded for their failures.

    - At the current rate of investment, it would take 384 years to replace all of the mains in the system. This is clearly not sustainable. Yet the water company has said that even if they get their 28% rate increase, they do not plan to significantly increase the rate of water main replacement.

    - The 28% rate increase would give WV American Water a higher profit margin.

    - Because of their lack of investment in infrastructure, WV American Water experiences a high rate of leakage. More than a quarter of water is lost before it reaches customers.

    - In Huntington, WV American Water has admitted that it does not have reliable testing for microcystins and that their laboratory facilities are not accredited or certified for many analyses. We don't know what WV American Water is doing to treat this incoming toxin and have no information to judge the effectiveness. "

    See articles:    http://www.wvgazettemail.com/article/20150911/GZ01/150919881)     http://www.statejournal.com/story/29321965/safe-water-advocates-wv-american-water-not-doing-enough  

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PROVIDED BY: Marilyn Howells,  Huntington, WV


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