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Bayer Crop Science Plant
Bayer Crop Science Plant

INSTITUTE, WV (HNN) – Area fire departments have found no air quality issues following a two hour power failure at the Bayer CropScience plant, Institute, WV. After the electricity had been restored around 12:45 p.m., Kanawha 911 reported that no injuries had been reported and that no shelter in place recommendations were issued on or off site.

Power went out across the site about 10:30 a.m. Saturday Jan. 29.

Residents complained of odors during the outage and after the restoration of power. However, communication with Bayer employees indicated no environmental releases have occurred. The Kanawha 911 news release stated that “all of the production units at the site were safety shut down and secure.”

The plant make the dangerous chemical MIC, which killed thousands in India in the 1980 during an accident at a then Union Carbide plant.

Since an explosion two years ago at the Institute plant, the company has agreed to begin steps to remove the MIC production from the plant, which is located near West Virginia State University.

According to the Jan. 11 Bayer news release, “ Following a complete overhaul and technical modification of the MIC plant at Institute, the company intends to complete its planned startup of the unit over the next few weeks to ensure continued safe operations during the remaining production period. The unit will then be shut down and de-commissioned in mid 2012”