Red Sparkly Shoe Tribute to “The Wizard of Oz”

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Judy Garland from "Wizard of Oz" (c) MGM
Judy Garland from "Wizard of Oz" (c) MGM

ASHLAND, KY (HNN) – The Paramount Arts Center will celebrate the 80th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” with the live musical March 10. But on Feb 7, women and girls are invited to participate in a tribute by wearing an icon from the filmed production.

Jenny Holmes of the Paramount writes in her blog that “national Red Sparkly Shoe Day” invites girls of all ages who believe red slippers can make anything happen to wear a pair on that day and click their heels.

Holmes said that participants can purchase red slippers or make them.

“Many women have already committed to participating. I even know of an entire pre-school class that will be decked in red shoes. I am certain there will be some sort of contest! If you plan to participate, email

She has also dug up trivia about ruby red slippers too:

“Supposedly there are seven pairs of Ruby Slippers, however, there are five known pairs and owners. Sadly, one pair was stolen while on loan, so the actual locations of only four pairs are known. One is in the Smithsonian (since 1979), Debbie Reynolds has one pair. One pair sold at an auction in 2000 for $600,000.00. One was found at an MGM yard sale and sold for $165,000. Each is currently estimated at a value of $1.5 million and considered the most expensive Hollywood memorabilia known.”