by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor

Those of us with pre-existing health conditions initially celebrated the Obama Care Health Insurance revolution designed to lower premium costs and promote extended coverage.

However, a horror story has developed. Freddy Kruger seems to reside at Highmark Blue Cross, or at least a clone called paper work mishaps.

Initially, WV earmarked ACCESS WV for high risk individuals. It had similar benefits to PEIA with some premium subsidy offsets.

However, the Affordable Care Act closed ACCESS.

First, I was ripped off by a company that insisted that 'life insurance' accompany hospitalization and routine specialty physician benefits.

Then, a recommendation for Highmark Blue Cross. Somewhat comparable to federal Blue Cross, except it did not cover my primary specialist.

Price with subsidy comparable to ACCESS.

But, a month ago a strange invoice:  A $1,500 balance appeared from fantasy land.  A lengthy call to support seemed to solve the problem --- a July and August payment via electronic bank transfer had been rejected by Blue Cross.  The rep knew not why.

However, unlike the promised follow up , I did not receive a confirmation call that this issue had been resolved. Then, a cancellation for lack of payment, which my Huntington Bank account confirms was received by the company.

Duh... what a mess.