An "Unofficial" Banned Ron Paul Prophetic Issue "Ad," Others Muckrake Each Other

The commercial is labeled "unofficial," but the imaginative provocative prophesy shouts loudly about the debt crisis in America , auditing the Fed, and bringing home troops. Should this be a real commercial? Would the mainstream media air it, even if paid with Federal Reserve Notes? Truthfully, the "commercial" comes from a group that's against wasteful spending in the U.S. A "fan" added the Ron Paul references.

However, this "unofficial" supporter inspired "spot" sticks to one of the campaign issues --- the deficit spending battle. "Hate" commercials do occur from candidates within their own party. For instance, the Mitt Romney versus Rick Perry who's on top period resulted in Perry's campaign preparing this nasty rebuke hurled at Romney.

Cable mainstream media have been swarming like flies over the revelations concerning candidate Herman Cain's alleged sexual harassment conduct while the CEO of the National Restaurant Association. Cain's camp denied it, Cain himself said , "It's totally baseless and totally false. I I never sexually harassed someone," then, they played "spin" , by emphasizing the difference between a "settlement" and an agreedment before the issue went to court.

Could the inappropriate sexual conduct accusations have been a diversion tactic?  The former "Godfather Pizza" CEO has taken another hit: Accusations that his campaign kicked off inappropriately using funds from a non-profit. Milwaukee and D.C. newspapers are breaking that Prospiraty USA provided $38,000 to his effort through iPods. That's seriously illegal.

Finally, Perry's on the spot for a bizarre Friday speech. Various media have labeled him incoherent  and rambling.

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