West Virginia Democrat Gov Candidate Jim Justice Caught Verbally Assaulting Police Officer On Dashcam

Updated 4 years ago HNN Staff
After being pulled over for speeding and unregistered tags, West Virginia Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Justice was caught on dashcam verbally abusing a police officer during a routine traffic stop. Justice calls the officer a "total lunatic" and "crazy" for doing his job. Then, when the police officer respectfully offers to explains the citation, Justice makes it clear he thinks he is above the law, telling the officer to "I want you to explain it to your boss."

"Clearly believing he is above the law, Democrat Jim Justice demonstrated he does not have the temperament or character to be governor," said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. "Police officers risk their lives everyday to do their job and West Virginia needs a governor who will respect their dedication and sacrifice, not attack them. Jim Justice is for himself, not West Virginia."
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