by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent

Huntington, WV is in the midst of a drug epidemic. Here is a prayer for Huntington during this battle for this holiday season.

Dear Father,

Thanks for our loved ones, that although they may be hooked on drugs, that they are still able to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Please watch over them and do not let their chairs be empty next year.

Thanks for the empty chairs. Even though drugs took loved ones from us, thanks for the memories of Happy Thanksgivings before drugs took them from us.

Thanks for Mayor Steve Williams, Jim Johnson and The Huntington Office of Drug Control Policy, The Huntington Police and other departments who put their lives on the line everyday in an effort to take drugs off of the street. The news is filled of their arrests everyday.

Thanks for places like The Healing Place, Rocky Meadows and Lifehouse , Prestera, The recovery Center and others who help fight the war on drugs. This can be a depressing battle with many tragedies and setbacks.

Thanks for those who put their lives at risk to give police tips and help with neighborhood watch groups.

Please watch over those who fight the drug war and help drugs out of our schools. Please help us be victorious so that no one has to bury a loved one way before their time. Amen.