by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
Holly Holm ---the new Leon Spinks or Buster Douglas
Muhammad Ali.  Mike Tyson....Ronda Rousey joins a list of invincible scrappers who ....well... were proved to be beatable after all.  The aura of invincibility had made Ronda Rousey more than just a crossover star but a household name.  Rousey is in the process of swinging her way onto the silver screen in a remake of "Road House", in the role of the bouncer portrayed by Patrick Swayze in the original.

Now, Holly Holm becomes the new Leon Spinks or Buster Douglas.  Spinks, the toothless wonder, who stunned the world by beating an unbeatable legend, did not win many more fights.  Buster Douglas beat Tyson senseless but then was soon out of the sport as he ballooned to well over 300 pounds. 

Maybe it was a lucky kick or maybe Rousey has been concentrating too much on other ventures... or maybe it's just her time.  Heroes do not last forever and they have a way of falling when we least expect it.

Don't cry too hard for Rousey, her star is shining so bright it couldn't possibly burn out this fast.  She was just announced cover athlete for leading video game producer EA's next UFC game and she will no doubt get an offer she can't refuse for a rematch.  But, the aura of invincibility is gone and it ain't coming back. 

But never fear, little girls across our great land that worshipped their hero, the sun rose the day after she fell.  It is still morning in America.  The birds are singing and the critics tongues are wagging.  But don't give up, boys and girls, the story ain't over.  Ronda will fight and win again, she will pose again for more sexy pictures, and her name will be on marquee lights for new movies.  For now, the latest image of Ronda  to go viral is one of anguish and defeat.  America loves it's champions but in a weird many want to see them fall and then they miss that time when that person was champ.

Of course, the only thing American sports fans love more than an invincible hero or a stunning upset, is a comeback.  Ronda Rousey will be back... but then again was Ali or Tyson ever the same after their losses.  Leon Spinks, where have you gone?