Attorney General Morrisey Provides Tips to Protect Children from Identity Theft this Holiday Season‏

by WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey
CHARLESTON — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey today warned consumers to watch for identity theft this holiday season, especially when it comes to children.

Your child’s new gadgets and electronics will give them broader access to the Internet. That means every smartphone, tablet and gaming device poses a risk by way of malicious apps and dangerous social networking. This makes every child susceptible to identity theft.

“Many times these gifts become just another form of entertainment, so it’s important for everyone to monitor usage and educate children about dangers posed by the Internet,” Attorney General Morrisey said.

To protect children from such identity theft, the Attorney General’s office offers a few tips for parents:
  • Monitor social media use, even if children object.
  • Lay down ground rules as a protective measure.
  • Warn your children that private information shouldn’t be shared on websites that aren’t trustworthy.
  • Caution them against downloading games or apps from third-party sites.
  • Maintain strict privacy settings on Facebook and other social networks.
“Children may not always understand how to ensure personal information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands,” Attorney General Morrisey said.

If you feel you or a child has been the victim of identity theft, contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-368-8808 or visit the office online at
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