Edited from a Press Release
Governor’s One Shot, Inc. grant increases reimbursement to meat processors for Hunters Helping the Hungry program

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – A grant from the Governor’s One Shot, Inc. has increased the reimbursement rate for meat processors who participate in the Division of Natural Resources’ “Hunters Helping the Hungry” (HHH) program. The reimbursement has been raised from $1.45 per pound of processed venison to $2 per pound, effective with the 2015 deer hunting seasons. 

Governor’s One Shot, Inc., is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the HHH program by organizing the annual Governor’s One Shot Whitetail Hunt, a fundraising event held each fall. Over the past eight years, the organization has provided nearly $500,000 to Mountaineer Food Bank in support of HHH and its mission to provide balanced, healthy meals for the less fortunate of West Virginia. 

“Meat processors provide an invaluable service to hungry West Virginians every year, and we hope this increased reimbursement rate will support continued participation by processors in the HHH program,” said Glenn Adrian, president of Governor’s One Shot, Inc. 

A new banner has been provided to each meat processor, showing their participation in the HHH program. Any processor that is interested in becoming part of the HHH program should contact Tyler Evans, DNR Wildlife Resources Section, at 304-924-6211or email tyler.s.evans@wv.gov.

Hunters can donate legally harvested deer by delivering the deer to the nearest participating meat processor. A list of processors is available at www.wvdnr.gov/Hunting/HHH.shtm. Venison is deboned, ground and frozen in two-pound packages. Food banks distribute it to more than 500 food programs throughout West Virginia.