LETTER: Atomic Vets Inquire about Alleged Department of Energy cover-ups

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LETTER: Atomic Vets Inquire about Alleged Department of Energy cover-ups

Editor's Note: Wayne Knox, an activist in the Cold War veteran atomic energy health compensation battle, answers the following question from other workers that toiled at plants similar to the Huntington Pilot Plant, Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, etc:

To answer your questions:  "does anyone on this  actually believe the federal government will harm or kill any nuclear workers for exposing the truth." 
My answer is No! Not the "federal government".  But our corporations have and will continue to kill in order to suppress truth that may endanger profits.  

The case of the expendable and disposable nuclear workers is a perfect example which has been clearly acknowledged by many including the US Congressional findings that established the ACT: Workers were exposed "without knowledge or consent" for the desire not to provide "hazardous duty pay" .
Can we all say and agree that killing a person for not wishing to increase his or her pay is cold blooded murder?     The  flight time (latency period) of the bullet does not matter or whether to shooter randomly mowed-down (potentially exposed) people with an automatic weapon .  The bullets were deliberately fired ( PREVENTABLE released toxic chemicals, radioactive materials, Beryllium, etc ) with knowledge that some of the as plentiful supply of disposable and expendable minority, women and blue collar workers would be selectively killed.
Dr. Paul Seligman, former deputy assistant secretary of the DOE's Office of Health Studies, "We understood the impact on the health of the workers.”
Donald Elisburg on behalf of the AFL-CIO and member of the Workers Advocacy Advisory Committee of the DOL stated: “EEOICPA was enacted because DOE failed to adequately protect their workers. In fact DOE reimbursed their contractors to fight workers compensation claims. “    While I am not willing to broadly state "the government did it", I will state emphatically that there WERE AND ARE NOW conservatively appointed career civil servants within the government and even members of the President's Advisory Board that are complicit in and attempting to cover-up many acts of murder. 
These conservatives are actively working, even writing-out the defined rights and authority of the US President, to provide his signature issue, health care under EEOICPA.  
The conservatives serve CORPORATE INTEREST not NATIONAL INTEREST or even NATIONAL  SECURITY. They were, principally installed within the government to protect the CORPORATE LIABILITY associated with the:
  • Criminal worker and seconded-hand exposures to family and surrounding communities
  • Destruction and contamination of publicly owned facilities and equipment
  • Intractable contamination of our environment

The root cause of this affair was: The conservatives conspired with the corporations in gaining lucrative patent rights to  nuclear technology illegally under the cover of NATIONAL SECURITY.  The large corporations could acted with sovereign  impunity and could committee no wrong, given the hold-harmless indemnification placed in the back pocket by the civil servants.  
These civil servants sought to protect their wrong-doing.  Given their "self-regulated" status for building the bomb,  they provided themselves "self-disclaimers" of the criminal acts of the corporations.
In conclusions, the government did not it.  Corporations in a conspiracy with conservatively appointed career civil servants did it.
Bullets were fired my way and may continue to be fired.  I do not know, as many other workers, if my name is on one of those bullets.  
I only know and documented proof that criminal acts were committed and certain government officials just watched and covered-up.    WAYNE KNOX
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