COLUMN: Merry Christmas and New Years "Wishes" for Huntington Residents

COLUMN: Merry Christmas and New Years "Wishes"  for Huntington Residents

What are items desired by those in Huntington and surrounding area for 2016?

Here are a few tongue in cheek and sincere possibilities. Please consider adding , in good taste, wishes or resolutions:


To David Ball, an infinite number of beach balls delivered to Huntington City Hall;

To Elsa-Huntington, successful rehabilitation of your snow making powers;

To the Public Works Department, a continuation of the El Nina  winter;

To Councilwoman Rebecca Thacker, a realty show contract for her Bambi tea cup Chihuahua;

To Central City, a continuation of freedom from the 'best of the west' business;

To Marshall University, a reunion with the "We Are Marshall" filmmakers;

To Mayor Steve Williams, many new construction contracts in the city;

To Trash / Sanitation,  a fingerprinted identity GPS tracker for specific items of garbage;

To Councilman Scott Caserta , a new gavel;

To the Mayor's Office of Drug Policy, zero overdose deaths in 2016;

To Kim Wolfe, your name on the ballot;

To Councilman John Short, a Santa's helper invite from the North Pole;

To Mary Poindexter Williams, the lead role in a stage adaptation of "Kisses for My President;"

To the Huntington Police Department, arrests for the Charleston Avenue prom night murders and the death of MU student Leah Hickman;

To the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center, a doubling of full auditorium bookings;

To Harris Riverfront Park, an unsinkable marina;

To Mark A. Bates, a Wooden Indian franchise;

To the Huntington Fire Department, a winter , spring and summer free of serial vacant structure blazes;

To 2016 candidates, a year free of flip flops;

And to Austin Sanders and Matt Pinson, a Trump Tower for downtown.


To ex-Councilman Rick Simmons, continued recovery and renewed good health in 2016,
To Rocky Meadows, another house for Life House to continue to save the addicted,
To Detroit Drug Dealers a one way ticket to Detroit, or  Mount Olive
To President Obama, a lump of West Virginia coal,
To Downtown Huntington and Fairfield residents; grocery stores
To Pullman Square, a Cheesecake Factory,
To Mayor Steve, a prestigious new title in November like Senator Steve, Delegate Steve, or Governor Steve,
To Tom McAllister and David Ball, a chance to go outside together
To my favorite Huntington author Sheila Redling, a national breakout hit novel this year,
To Downtown Huntington residents, less robberies and cars broken into
To Huntington, no drug overdoses in 2016
To all in Huntington, the feeling of the 70's and 80's when it was safe to walk down the street.




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