OPINION COLUMN: Ten Top Explosive Huntington Quotes in 2015

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OPINION COLUMN: Ten Top Explosive Huntington Quotes in 2015
2015 was an explosive year in many ways in Huntington.  Here are several quotes that highlight a controversial   year in Huntington.

10.  "If this proposed acquisition goes forward, it would eliminate important competition that has yielded tremendous benefits for Huntington-area residents.  The merged hospitals would have a market share of more than 75%, and local employers and residents are likely to face higher prices and reduced quality and service at the combined hospital.” Steve Weissman, Deputy Director  of The FTC's Bureau of Competition  concerning proposed merger of St. Mary's and Cabell Huntington hospitals.

9.  "We've got a serial killer; I mean, it's that serious. I mean, when you look at these numbers this, if it wasn't for our medical facility, this could be the number, 680 dead," said Jim Johnson, director of Huntington's Office of Drug Control Policy about the drug epidemic.

8."Lawlessness has to be stopped in this city.  You can't just do it , however, Stevie (Mayor Williams) wants it."- Tom McCallister at a City Council meeting discussing street cleaning contract.

7.  "Here’s a President who wants to come to West Virginia and says he feels our pain, he understands our pain, but in reality he’s causing our pain,” Congressman Evan Jenkins speaking about Obama's War on Coal and then coming to speak on the drug problem.

6 ."The only person who made a mistake was Mayor Steve Williams when he decided to gift taxpayer dollars to the police chief when he left the city for a much higher paying job elsewhere." -- Councilman Scott Caserta

5.   "There is no liability calculated for unpaid accumulated SICK LEAVE unless the employee is eligible for retirement" - 2014 Huntington Audit by WV.

4."Our form of City Government was created to establish a form of "checks and balances" between the Mayor and City Council. To keep the two entities separate for such reason. It appears to me, and has been evidenced to many these past few months, some members of City Council are sharing a chair with the Mayor. Huntington will no longer stand for this political back patting. The residents have had enough !"----Scott Caserta

3. "I don't respond unless spoken to in a civil manner. Otherwise I am not talking. He was  screaming , yelling and ranting like a maniac directly at me. "- Councilwoman Rebecca Thacker  about fellow councilman David Ball

2.   "Mayor Steve is fixing Huntington's infastructure on the backs of the poor."  --- unidentified drunk at Davis' Place regarding the increase of the user fee

1.  “The statistics are telling. We have to acknowledge the brutal truth – we have a drug epidemic in our community.” - Mayor Steve Williams

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