Tribute to The Cinema Theatre & Absent Friends including Those Who Passed On As Angels

Over the past three years, Downhome Decadence performed the shadow cast with "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Downtown Discount Cinema. Following the announcement of the theatre's closure, the group produced the following retrospective honoring the venue and the people who helped make the productions successful.

In an interview with HNN, Derek Hyman, president of Greater Huntington Theatre Corp. , stated that the RHPS shows drew "off the wall" attendance. HNN and Dowhome Decadence often worked together covering the interactive pre-shows.

Here is their memoir to the Cinema Theatre, which also happens to be the FIRST theatre in Huntington at which I attended a movie and attended many movies with my long lost soulmate, the incomparable actress and person known affectionately as Patty Sunshine, the only loving woman to hold my hand, accept my real and perceived faults,  and honor my birthday with balloons and value me enough to ask me to join her on a Broadway indulgent trip to New York City.

The "late" Jack Hyman, Derek's father, whose family built the Cinema (Orpheum), Keith Albee, State and Tipton
The "late" Jack Hyman, Derek's father, whose family built the Cinema (Orpheum), Keith Albee, State and Tipton

Thanks for the memories... and a toast to those who made the Cinema, Keith Albee and Camelot possible... people such as Derek Hyman, Marilyn Allen, Greg Pauley, Junior Ross, F. Daniel Johnson, Amy Ashworth, Brian Cade, Sandy, Rhonda, Kathy, Glen, Jimmie Lou Whitley, Paul Urbans, William Warfuel, the late Jack Hyman, the late Dennis Ferrell, the late Al Cross, the late William Harrah, the late Hazel Harrah, my late father who drove me to and from countless RHPS productions after my 1979 fiery car accident, Danny the huge irishsetter that helped me stay half way sane, and all those "nameless" others who tore a ticket entering these hometown movie palaces, such as Joe Johns.......

Good luck Derek and Greg and Brian on your future ventures....

"Eddie's Trombone"
"Eddie's Trombone"


TEXT: Tony Rutherford

VIDEO: Downhome Decadence



Peace, love, rock n roll, and the dude who brought the redemption full circle by donning the costume of Jesus Christ Superstar at the final performance.

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