LETTER: Activist says wider atomic worker probe is warranted

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LETTER: Activist says wider atomic worker probe is warranted
The EEOICPA / Site Metric System (SEM) is corrupt. Workers that worked in places like the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant in Piketon, Ohio as I did, were victims of poor safety practices. It is well documented that the government withheld information about what we have been exposed to. The government never tested us plus records were not kept. Our records were falsified or shredded. The government admitted that they made us sick and would take care of Cold War Heroes. So why 16 years later are sick workers being turned down for illnesses that are related to a job that made them sick.

We are asking for a full investigation on the SEM data base that is used to turn workers down. We are asking for full disclosure on how NIOSH is coming up with dose to turn workers down for job related illnesses.

We ask that a independent expert in dose look at the results of NIOSH reports for sick workers..in 1999 my documents were used to break the story about Recycle fuel in the Portsmouth, Ohio plant at the same time the Ky story broke. Like many sick workers I am still fighting for my job related illnesses. I started this Journey of fighting for workers in the 80's and now it is 2016 and we are still fighting for compensation. We ask for a meeting to set down to talk about the injustice of this bill. Below is a clip that will show you how long we have been fighting..

Thank you

Vina Colley
(NNWJ) National Nuclear Workers for Justice
(PRESS) Portsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and Security.
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