D.A. Missing, Declared Dead Who Likely Would Have Pursued Sandusky Prosecution

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

 STATE COLLEGE, PA (HNN) - Amidst the child-rape charges against former Penn State defensive coach, Jerry Sandusky, comes a Philadelphia TV news report that Ray Gricar, then Centre County District Attorney, disappeared in 2005. Gricar known as a no nonsense prosecutor was, according to his nephew Tony Gricar, "beholden to no one" and "was not a politician."

"People ask why Ray did not prosecute [the coach]. I have no problem saying because he clearly felt  he didn't have a case for a 'successful prosecution,' Gricar said in a  Patriot-News interview. Ray's friend, Montour County D.A. Robert Buehner Jr., told the newspaper, that Ray would have been "extremely cautious" based on a reasonable liklihood of conviction. "You don't want to go after someone high profile unless you have a compelling case," Buehner told the Patriot-News.

Ray Gricar  came under fire because a 1998 report concerning Sandusky allegedly molesting two boys in a shower did not lead to charges. Under the scope of the findings of the 2011 grand jury, Sandusky admitted to taking a naked shower, touching a boy and asked for forgiveness. However, six weeks later, police closed the case.

Gricar disappeared on April 15, 2005. He told his girl friend he was going for a drive. His car was found in a Lewisburg, Pa. parking lot and his laptop missing its hard drive was located in the Susquehanna River, the Patriot News stated.

Gricar was declared dead in July 2011, although his body has not been located.

Following the firing of legendary coach Joe Paterno and Penn State president , Graham B. Spanier, by the institution's board of trustees, the U.S. Department of Education has launched a probe into why the sexual abuse of young boys was not reported in Campus Crime Statistics as required by the Clery Act. Marshall University ran afoul of the act for not immediately reporting an alleged sexual assault in a dormitory. Ironically, according to a Chuck Landon column, Sandusky accepted then declined the job as Marshall football coach in the 70s. He would have replaced Jack Lengyl.

According to the grand jury documents, numerous people knew of the allegations/incidents yet the police were not called.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan released a statement in which she stated: "If these allegations of sexual abuse are true, then, this is a horrible tragedy for these young boys. If it turns out that some people at the school knew of the abuse and did nothing or covered it up, that makes it even worse."

The Clery Act is named in memory of Jeanne Ann Clery who was raped and murdered in 1986 at Pennsylvania's Lehigh University while sleeping in her dorm room. Lehigh had not reported almost 40 violent acts that had occurred on campus during the years prior to the woman's killing.

As College Town begins to pick up the pieces following Coach Paterno's firing and a night of rioting, the grand jury presentment reveals that one or more of the victims had ties to "The Second Mile," a foster home for troubled boys started by Sandusky in 1977.

The involvement of Second Mile recalls the Franklin Scandal which involved a series of high profile legal actions between 1988 and 1991 involving a nationwide pedophile ring that catered to the rich and powerful. Nick Bryant's "Franklin Scandal" investigative report notes that in 1990 he interviewed the sister of a former Boys Town student who had been allegedly sexually exploited.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The copy of the Grand Jury presentment involving Coach Sandusky and alleged victims of abuse is available for PDF download. WARNING: The presentment contains graphic descriptions which would be offensive to some readers.

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