Paul Brings 89 Seconds of Sanity to Republican Debate

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

Cries of debate “fixing” have ruptured again from the Ron Paul camp following the CBS Republican foreign policy debate, Saturday, Nov. 12. As the cries of too much war have taken hold amongst the American populace, Texas Representative Paul has the strongest philosophy for withdrawing troops from foreign involvement.

Paul’s campaign manager, John Tate, “It literally made me sick watching the mainstream media once again silence the one sane voice in this election… The one dissenter to a decade of unchecked war. The one candidate who stands for true defense and actual constitutional government. Ron Paul was silenced, in perhaps the most important debate of the cycle.”

Actually, a posted comment yields a strong summation of what the debates have become: “MSM (MainStream Media) has turned these Republican debates into another American Idol search for the morons that can’t distinguish the two… an intelligent , decent true public servant like Ron Paul will most certainly be ignored by people who aren’t paying attention,” the constituent of the Texas Congressman wrote.

Another writer opined, “Ron Paul and Herman Cain are the only two candidates who have the courage to at least suggest new ideas and alternatives to the Republican status quo. Ron Paul is never given a chance to make a point.”

Suggesting continuing misdirection by the conventional media anchors, a woman chided the majority for “swallowing” un-vetted stories for so long the politicians “actually think they can get away with saying anything.”  She called, Ron Paul the leading “truth teller” in American politics and adds that both media and politically he’s “blackballed, blacked out, and his name is not mentioned.”

Fortunately, at least a minority of interested voters are complaining more and more to the media powers. The poster from North Carolina raked CBS over the burning hell’s fire for “not allowing Michelle Bachmann to answer follow ups … and the gall you have to only allow Ron Paul 89 seconds. Paul gets more donations from the troops than [the other candidates].” The upset North Carolinian added, “If Satan (who wants wars, murders, corrupt government) and Jesus (who preaches peace , love and understanding), had a one hour debate, you would give Satan 57 minutes and 31 seconds.”