Hydrogen Westlake Talks "Redemption," Erica Parrott

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Hydrogen Westlake Talks "Redemption,"  Erica Parrott
After over a decade together, Hydrogyn parted with vocalist Julie Westlake.  But the band has reengerized with a new singer and is the studio working on a new cd featuring a new sound for them.  I talked with guitarist Jeff Westlake about the new cd "Redemption."

DW:  What is the current lineup for Hydrogyn?

Jeff: There is Jeff Westlake and Jeff Boggs on guitar, John Cardilino on drums, Chris Sammons on bass and the most important ingredient of Erica Parrott on vocals, screams etc.

DW:   Who is Erica Parrott and how did she become the new singer for Hydrogyn?

Jeff:    Erica was found or discovered I guess you could say by the Reverend Davo locally in our home area. He called me up and said I think I have found the new vocalist for the band. Then he went into a bunch of stuff that I won't get into here and said this is when she's playing next. So in the meantime somehow Eric and I got in contact with each other had a meeting talked about things gave her some material to work on when saw her play she came to the studio lay down some vocals and got the job.

DW:  I have heard some exciting things about the new cd “Redemption”, how does it differ from past Hydrogyn cds?

Jeff; It differs in just about every way one could imagine. This is the album I would've loved to of made right after deathly passions. It's very modern it's full of energy it's full of sound lots of different things going on at all times just really very cool piece of work. This album is not comparable to anything we've done in the past. In our progression as a band we actually went backwards from our initial demos from best served with volume into a more conventional music for bombshell and then started coming back out of that again with deadly passions only to run into a wall for the judgment record for lots of different reasons and then private sessions was a turn more toward the pop your side and in the EP breaking the chains or break the chains I can't remember which title that was was a full onslaught toward pop rock and that was never the angle I was comfortable with but we did that because that's what Julie wanted to do and now that we have Erika in the band and she's on the exact same page that I am it just has all come together in a much different fashion but something that is more suiting at least for myself and Jeff Boggs and Chris and John so we'll see what the fans have to say very soon.

DW:  How did you arrive at the title“Redemption”?

Jeff: That's actually the title cut for the album which that song is full name is my redemption and it just seem to work it was something lyrically and energy wise that Jeff Boggs myself and Erica all arrive dad on the same day that we actually track the song in the studio. The title just seem to fit the energy matched so that's what we went with

DW:  When can we expect for “Redemption” to be released?

Jeff: That is not totally known at this time. We will be talking to various labels of course we have our own system of getting album out if that's what it comes down to do right now the concentration is finishing the record and then we will go from there but I would expect a late summer early fall release.

DW:  Is this going to be an international release and has there been label interest in the band?

Jeff: The answer to both of those questions is yes seems everybody is excited about this new chapter just from the chatter and the buzz from the band members themselves but yet there has been talk and we are in talks with people as we speak so as that information comes available it will be on our social media sites

DW:  Will Hydrogyn be touring to support the new cd?

Jeff: Yes there will be live dates and as many live date as we can possibly get

DW:  You have been very busy. I know that you have been working on two Westlake albums. Can you describe these projects and tell us the status of them.

Jeff: Well one of them is a blues album which is getting very close to being done and the other one is a more traditional what you would expect to hear from me type of album I guess is the best way to put it. Been working hard on both of these records since back in September or October The traditional Westlake out and will probably come out first there's also going to be a box set of Westlake stuff that the fans can get that will become available as well I would actually expect pre-sales on those items to happen sometime in the month of May with the release in June or July

DW: Are you still involved with Eric Moore and The Godz?

Jeff: Very much so we are actually getting ready to release the series the DVDs and Blu-ray's that will be coming out starting in late 2016 and we are also in the summer going to be sitting down and starting to put together the new gods release of all brand-new material Eric has been in serious writing mode and has been feeling much much better the past few months so I'm excited to see what happens there.

DW:  What are the some of the bands that you have produced that are coming out soon?

Jeff: Well the only one that looks like will be coming out sometime this year is cognition out of the Morgantown area in West Virginia that album is in final mix stage after going through three singers finally found the right guy in Calvin Wilson . They just finished shooting a video for a song called throne of crows so everything is going great there with those guys just finished a mix job with the band call cab ride home out of Virginia I didn't produce that album but mixed and mastered it really good throwback thrash metal type stuff I would imagine they'll be releasing this year as well and then in the studio now with a bunch of different people so we'll see what happens it's  looking to be a very very busy 2016 actually going into 2017


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