LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vet Supports Trump, Condemns NAFTA

Updated 4 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

I am a Patriot!

I believe NAFTA destroyed the middle class.

Do I remain blind to all those empty mines/mills across our state? Or all those jobs loss to overseas while the middle class is destroyed. Only one candidate has opposed NAFTA and TTP.

President Clinton signed NAFTA. His wife promises to destroy coal jobs and then wants me to believe what she said on TV was a mistake! Look at my state – I don’t believe you!

I believe in God and Country.

I believe in free trade.

Because I believe free trade should be fair trade not just one sided with deficits in the billions. Only one candidate wants to challenge companies moving overseas to protect the American worker.

I believe soldiers/veterans should be treated better than illegals. Only one candidate believes amnesty is wrong. While other candidates change their position by what state they are in. Clinton/Sanders want free medical for illegal immigrants yet, these two politicians have forgotten about the Veterans who served. By the end of the day 20 Veterans will commit suicide waiting on VA health care!

I believe in Unions. Not Union leadership who continues to support democrats who sold us NAFTA, and how to shut down coal, and now want us to believe TPP will help West Virginia. I don’t see how competing against 17 countries with cheap labor, devalued currency, and unfair trade practices benefits West Virginia.

No Union representative, we’re not buying your story while you help destroy our unions! New York, Pennsylvania and Indiana unions woke up and so will we!

Michael Martino, A victim of NAFTA, Veterans for Trump

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