Greenbrier Theatre Seeks Donations to Replace Destroyed Costumes

Updated 2 years ago
Greenbrier Theatre Seeks Donations to Replace Destroyed Costumes
Greenbrier Valley Theatre would like to thank everyone who is helping us through this disaster recovery process.  We understand there are a lot of needs in this county right now. We appreciate the volunteers who have given their time and talent to help us. 

In light of recent events, GVT will postpone their 22nd Annual Art Auction to Saturday, September 24, 2016. We are grateful to the artists who have already submitted their works. At this time we ask artists to delay any donations until August 8, 2016. We are thankful for your generosity, however our storage is very limited due to the damage in our basement. 

Our Mainstage and Educational programs will continue as scheduled. 

The loss in our community has been great, and we count ourselves fortunate to call the Greenbrier Valley home. We mourn alongside all of you, and we are confident that as a community, we can pull together and move forward.

How You Can Help
If you live in the area and have access to laundry facilities, please stop by GVT and pick up a few loads of laundry to be washed. Pick-up is on East Foster Street behind the theatre. We ask that you use Tide Free and Gentle with 1 cup of vinegar per load and wash on cold.   If you have access to a dishwasher, we have dishes that need to be washed. Dishes can be picked up on East Foster Street as well.   If you are unable to volunteer your time (or live too far away to do so) and would like to help, another way to assist us in recovering from the damage to our costume, prop, and scenic stock is by making a secure online donation. Your contribution will enable us to continue pursuing our mission despite this extraordinary setback.
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