Don't Go in the Water, It's Back, Crunch!

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Don't Go in the Water, It's Back, Crunch!

Before pollution alerts became a beach way of life, a "don't go in the water" warning along with two musical notes terrified swimmers and theatergoers alive.

Despite warnings that something swims out in the waters, tourist economics took priority, leading to a great white shark crunching which etched Stephen Spielberg and "Jaws" into nearly everyone's long term memory cells.

Released in 1975, "Jaws" returns for digital big screen scares on Sunday July 3 and Wednesday July 6 @ 2 & 7 p.m. at select Marquee Cinemas.

A critical synopsis branded "Jaws," as " Compelling, well-crafted storytelling and a judicious sense of terror."

Hollywood Reporter wrote that Spielberg's thriller represented "the most perfectly crafted horror movie of all time."

Judith Crist, New York Magazine, proclaimed, "it's a fast-paced, straight-line thriller that moves without pause toward the climactic contest at sea between three men and a 25-foot, 3-ton great while killer shark."

Reviewing the DVD in 2014, Glenn Dunks said, "With no superheroes or post-apocalyptic wastelands in sight, the skill behind Jaws becomes even more thrilling to watch unfold. ... Quite literally, Jaws is the original and the best."

One viewer wrote, "A film that demonstrates that it is what you don't see that scares you. The story is compelling and the music is chillingly iconic."

Needless to say, pools and bathtubs brought thoughts of something hungry in the water. It spawned "Piranha" (and sequels) as well as "Alligator."


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