Superheroes Stolen by Publishers and Creators, can you guess which ones?

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Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman often save the Earth. But occasionally their persona has been pirated. For instance, during the Golden Age, Superman's rip off was Captain Marvel (no, not published by Marvel Comics which was then known as "Timely". 

So, for a challenging firecracker day, here's a video. Can you pick out ten heroes that were plagiarism copies? 

When comic book writers create superheroes, they can draw inspiration from all kinds of sources. They can be based on real people - perhaps someone the writers know personally or a famous person they admire - and they can be based on other fictional characters, but sometimes they are quite clearly blatant rip-offs of other comic book characters. 

Marvel and DC may be bitter rivals, but that hasn't stopped them from taking inspiration from each other on numerous occasions when it comes to character creation - in some cases, it's to the extent that you could even say they stole from each other.Whether it's a character's name, their appearance, or their general concept or schtick, a number of Marvel and DC characters were obviously copied - and we're going to run through a few of them now. Here are ten superheroes you didn't know were stolen.

Script by: Kevin Stewart


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