EDITORAL COMMENTARY: Midlife Voters Need to Educate Millenials on the Clintons

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We have noticed something interesting in recent weeks, a political phenomenon we should have expected but which managed to take us off guard.  The new generation of voters, commonly called "the Millenials," are too young to remember the political hijinks and salacious events of the Clinton Administration.

Unknown to them are the scandals involving Hillary Clinton's Rose Law Firm and Ken Starr's Whitewater investigation.  White House Travel Office abuse?  Never heard of it.  Bill Clinton's seduction of a young intern who supplied him sexual favors in the Oval Office?  Tell that to a young voter and watch the reaction.

Granted, these events in U.S. Presidential history will naturally have a deeper impact on those of us who lived through them.  The Clintons seemed to have an utter disregard for the law and the rules of basic decency that we expect from the President of the United States.  

Until the Clintons arrived in Washington, Presidents in both parties knew how to conduct themselves.  Their politics may have varied significantly, but everyone could agree that Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan tried their best to uphold the dignity of the Executive Branch of the federal government.  Bill Clinton and his ever present First Lady, Hillary, changed that forever.

Perhaps more impactful than even these serious series of scandals and investigations was Bill Clinton's obligatory handing off to Hillary the all-important health care issue.   Young voters often do not know that before Obamacare, there was Hillarycare:   a hugely unpopular attempt to socialize the nation's healthcare system, headed up by then-First Lady Hillary Clinton and her huge, unelected bunch of bureaucrats and advisors.
No other First Lady had ever attempted such a power grab. Then, as now, health care accounts for a significant percentage of the American economy, with hospitals, clinics, urgent care facilities, and medical practitioners, and insurance companies contributing to a national, complex medical network.  

Then, as now, health care reform was an important task to tackle, with a variety of cost-savings and quality of care angles.   In short, a serious study of the health care system was in order.
However, by placing then-First Lady Hillary Clinton in charge of the task force, President Clinton guaranteed that an unelected individual had enormous power in trying to shape the national health care agenda. Further, all knew that her relationship with the President, however frayed from their personal problems, was different than a cabinet secretary or policy czar, with the accountability such positions bring.

Hillary Clinton had set herself up as the nation's final arbiter on health care reform, despite having little experience in the health care system.

Not surprisingly, Hillary Clinton's final say in the matter was to create a huge, national health care bureaucracy, which would have made an already complicated system worse.   Who really expected the Clintons to open up their minds to the health care reform options offered by the Republicans?
Mercifully, the Congress stopped Hillarycare in its tracks,  and that was that.  However, the health care reform debacle that devoured many months and millions of dollars during the Clinton Administration, gave us a clear picture of the Big Brother solutions this power couple wanted to foist on the American taxpayers.

The Clintons appeared more interested in control than people's health care.  

We urge all older voters to take time to explain to younger voters why so many of us have apprehensions about the Clintons returning to power.  This is a couple that can never quite go away, where all other Presidents have taken George Washington's approach of retiring from public life and letting someone else have a turn at exercising power.

Even when they were given all the power any couple could hope to have from the American people, the Clintons still wanted more.  More power over the nation's health care delivery system, more power to break Arkansas land deal laws, more power to take the innocence of a young, starstruck White House intern.

They don't care whom they run over as they strive to satisfy their insatiable appetite for power.  As a result, they should not be returned to power--ever.
NOTE: In this Presidential election year, as always, opposing views are welcome.
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