June Harless Center Awarded CREATE Satellite Grant

Special to HNN Provided by Marshall University

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – The June Harless Center for Rural Educational Research and Development in the College of Education at Marshall University was recently awarded $207,000 to establish a satellite of Carnegie Mellon University’s CREATE Lab.

This project is designed to implement robotics and technology initiatives in West Virginia schools, including Marshall University Professional Development Schools, and aligns with the mission of the Harless Center to provide leadership in education initiatives for West Virginia educators and students.

The grant, which was funded by the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, will enable educators and rural communities in West Virginia to access a real-time portal to the flow or cutting-edge technologies and programs being developed at the lab in Pittsburgh.

The satellite was created as a result of the success of the GigaPan Outreach Grant, which is beginning its second year.  Other programs to be initiated include Message From Me, Robot Diaries, and Hear Me.

Message From Me enables young children to better communicate with parents and caretakers about their daytime activities at childcare centers through the use of digital cameras, microphones, email, phone messaging and other technologies.

Robot Diaries integrates technology, literature, and history through the use of familiar art supplies, circuit boards, lights, motors and sensors.  Students design, build, and program robots that tell the stories of literary and historical characters and events while promoting technological literacy and informal learning.

Hear Me seeks to amplify childrens’ voices using media and technology to create a world where children are heard, acknowledged and understood, thereby giving them the power to inspire social change.   Hear Me promotes purposeful and responsible use of media by and for children which can promote change in their lives, communities and the world.

The vision of the CREATE Lab is to catalyze local and global community change by technologically empowering people to creatively explore, learn, share and directly improve our ecology.  The Harless Center’s mission is to provide leadership in education initiatives for West Virginia educators and students.

For more information, contact Carrie-Meghan Quick-Blanco at quickblanco@marshall.edu or visit marshall.edu/harless and cmucreatelab.org. 

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