WV Ghostbusters Raise Flood Funds and Money for Children's Charities

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WV Ghostbusters Raise Flood Funds and Money for Children's Charities

"When I was a kid of four, I could only imagine what it would be like to see a group of actual ghostbusters," explained Dave Humphreys, a member of the West Virginia Division of Ghostbusters, which assist the WV Children's Home Society, the American Heart Association and children of flood victims.

"We're fans of 80s pop culture. We love the comedy of the movie," Humphreys said.

The costumed assembly of men and women don ghost hunting clothing and gear and visit hospitals, conventions, events, and parties throughout West Virginia and Kentucky. Officially recognized by Sony as a "ghost corps," the WV Division has teams throughout the state, including Beckley and Parkersburg, as well as Ashland, Ky.

Consisting of about 20 active members, "We have people in different parts of the state. It's kinda difficult for people in Charleston to make it to the Panhandle," explained Veronica Victor.

The West Virginia division started four years ago. "We did not expect it to be this big," said Humphreys.  "People enjoy seeing real ghostbusters like we walked out of the movie; it's a blast. We decided to use our uniforms to try to make a difference. It's a great thing to help and more people should do it."

During an interview at Marquee Cinemas Pullman Square, Humphrey's told that the movie maker, Sony, has officially recognized  the group bestowing  jurisdiction over the state. It comes in the form of a certificate signed by Ivan Reitman, director of the 80s film. "They sorta oversee us like the 50-First from Star Wars."

These ghostbusters are community heroes. "

"We never make a cent from any of this.  It goes straight to those we're trying to help. We are in everything... comics, toys, collectables, science fiction and horror conventions... if it's in West Virginia , we're there raising money for charity relief," said Ms. Victor.

Unlike paranormal organizations, this troupe does not investigate supernatural activity.  " We're more for show," explained Ms. Victor, adding, " We like to interact with children and show them all of our gear. We tell them about being a ghostbuster other than hunting them ourselves."

Gathering their slime together quickly, the WV Division has been active at Marquee's Beckley Galleria 14 and an East Charleston block party fund raisers for flood victims. Beside creating buttons from which the sale goes to flood relief, they collected donations for cleaning supplies, clothes and toys.

"We've been hitting the toys for kids. A lot of people forget when there's a  flood how horrific it is for a child to be a victim," said Humphreys.

"Our next big focus is our toy drive for the Children's Home Society of WV," said Jack Arkham.  "We are able to get a list of all the things the kids ask for from shelters, foster care and those in the community."  The process remains confidential and "we go out Black Friday for 24 hours and make the money stretch way further than it normally word to get more for the kids."

Have a hankering to bust ghosts and help kids, check out the group's Ghostbusters - WV Division Page on Facebook. "Shoot us a message, you'll never know what happens," Arkham said. (http://facebook.com/wvgbs )

And, they all give a big thumbs up to the all-female re-boot of the film.




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