Op Ed America's Prohibition Today

By Edward R Burgess

America's Prohibition is as murderous as the last.  Recall the murders all across America from 1919 to 1933, and the most infamous, the 1929 Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.
News of these murders  shocked America at the time and lead to the end of that Prohibition.  The current Prohibition's murder count far surpasses the last and America is not shocked, yet.

The power of the Booze Barons to murder and influence the political process was taken away with the end of America's last Prohibition, and the end of America's Prohibition today would do the same to the power of today's "Drug Lords,"  north and south of the border.

If America were to treat Marijuana the same as Alcohol in the White Market, the Prohibition murders on both sides of the border with Mexico would stop, and the border areas would be safer for everyday Americans and Mexicans alike. The border could be made more secure again.  And America's political process would be better off being "Drug Free," or free of "Drug Money" influence.

It is a known truth that any change in any market place effects market demand, and this is exactly what the US Government's "solution to the problem" has done by manipulating the market supply - as the price of Marijuana increased, reducing market supply, so the market demand for other Black Market drugs increased.  The market demand for other Black Market drugs would decline were Marijuana to be treated the same as Alcohol in the White Market.   This Government War on Drugs is not the solution; "...it is the problem."   Of the many arguments that can be made for the continued support of the US Government's so-called "War on Drugs," none are Conservative.

If the Drug Lords are first denied the power they have now, other border problems would diminish in size and scope - be easier to address - but for as long as these Drug Lords have the power they do, nothing will improve for the everyday people across America and Mexico - the non-combatants will continue to suffer and suffer more.

It is as simple as this, if I support America's so-called War on Drugs, I support murder. I can no longer support murder.

As it was before, America needs to see the faces of Prohibition's murders - north and south. 

Edward R Burgess is a life long West Virginian, Father of three, Activist, Conservative, and State Coordinator of West Virginia Campaign for Liberty.

For more information about Campaign for Liberty see http://www.campaignforliberty.com
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