FIRST LOOK : Imperfections Haven't Been Celebrated Like These "Bad Moms"

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FIRST LOOK : Imperfections Haven't Been Celebrated Like These "Bad Moms"

Mother norms have since the injection of flagrant feminism wrestled with 'having it all,' which transcribes to attaining contradictory  standards while hopelessly priortizing perfections not achieved. The desired 'all' has gradually matriculated from the white picket fence antithesis adopting diversification transitions that arbitrarily balance someplace between 'politically correct' and adopting coping eccentricities.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore wild and wistfully, first,  deconstructed the marital sacred cow as groom and friends slide into one supposed last vulgar night of morality breaking rules. Comes now,   "Bad Moms," in which the frazzled, always late, self esteem lacking so-called 'perfect' Amy ( Mila Kunis) to her two children discovers her third child (dad) in the midst of a ten month illicit interactive affair (still call it cheating).

After telling her husband to hit the road, Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hawn) stage a revolt against conventional responsibilities.

"Bad Moms" has no automatic weapons except the trio of motor mouths spurting nonstop babbling one-liners of all varieties which constantly deliver howling uproars. They slice and dice routines and rites of passage from spaghetti in her face supermarket in shambles to girls gone wild partying and a luscious PTA confessional .

Kunis wrestles bloated scheduling enduring zumba, business meeting, play and bake sale embarrassments before declaring , “I quit,” uttering the word “no” in response to unintended volunteerism. Her half perfect imitation of a true ‘modern mother’ has serene sincerity, When persuaded to ‘let it go,’ her baby steps turn outlandish, especially in a scenario where friends prepare her for a bar pick up.

Conquering male blockades (“we CAN go to the movies together”) take second place to the three women taking down female clique  expectations.

That’s my kind of woman bravado sanitizes irresponsible conduct that’s tempered by reasoning and empathy. They blow off stresses unilaterally sneaking ‘I love my kinds’ in their proclamations of disdain.

Directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore forego much of the Judd  (“40 Year Old Virgin,” “Knocked Up” ) Apatow utter the “F” word repeatedly for induced humor. Instead, an always on point script basking in the satire of a badass feminist mainstay Bell voicing biting blonde satiric clueless clichés  and Hawn masters so much  out of step normalcy that her contributions galvanize everything she says or does.

There are fun pokes at the millennial lifestyle coffee absorbing work ethic and  too soon to think about college acceptance mother/daughter athletic whoops and wails, but “Bad Mom” is about just that --- forget the gold standard, perfection is fiction. It’s less intimidating  (and a lot less stressful) to be “bad” by picking, choosing, and forgetting about the rest.  

And, yes, the dudes enjoy the comedic 'chic' flick  almost as much as the gals. There! It's said. It works.

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