Statement from Charles Woods, father of Benghazi Hero Tyrone Woods

Updated 3 years ago Edited from a Press Release
(New York, NY)  -  Donald J. Trump received the endorsement of Charles Woods the father of Tyrone Woods, a former Navy SEAL, who gave his life fighting to protect Americans during the terror attacks on the U.S. consulate and the CIA compound in Benghazi. Ty’s sacrifice saved more than twenty-five American lives, and he is truly an American hero.

Mr. Woods chose to endorse Mr. Trump stating, “I support Donald Trump, and the main reason is national security as well as the economy are the two most important issues that voters are going to have to decide upon next November.”

Hillary Clinton's poor judgment led to these tragic deaths in Libya. First, her reckless decision to invade Libya unleashed radical Islamic terror groups that threatened Americans. Compounded with her failure to provide the necessary security upgrades and reinforcements cost four Americans their lives. After it all, she lied to the world about what happened to cover up the role of Radical Islam. We could have known more about her actions, but she illegally stored and then deleted 33,000 emails.

Mr. Trump stated, “Tyrone Woods is an American hero and his father is a tremendous person whom I have great respect for. His support is so important to me. Together we are going to defeat Hillary Clinton in November and make America safe again.”
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