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GUEST OP ED COMMENTARY: Let's Shift the Cause of Dispair

by Scott Caserta

If folks had a job, a future, a plan of some kind then maybe despair would not lead them to drug abuse and ODs?

I think our city has enough data in hand to know we have a problem.

It's time to stop fluffing your feathers and get to work on providing a future and not just a shot.

When the OD episode is over, The lights and sirens silenced, the addict is left with a choice of rehab only to graduate back into the same situation they were attempting to escape.

Focus needs to shift to the cause of despair.

Yes, the Nation has a problem. We can no longer use that as an excuse for our behavior.

Our elected leaders need to go make a difference. Concentrate on jobs for constituents instead of friends.

Focus should not be on creating an office to pull data to justify the positions to staff that office. We have enough data, we need jobs.

It may be your family in despair next!!