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MORGANTOWN, August 25, 2016 – Retired Army Veteran and candidate for Secretary of State Mac Warner announced the endorsement from Friends of Coal and the West Virginia Coal Association. The West Virginia Coal Association recently endorsed Donald Trump for President and gave the following comments about their endorsement in the 2016 West Virginia Secretary of State’s race:


Chris Hamilton, Senior Vice President of the WV Coal Association, announced today, “on behalf of the best coal miners in the world, who mine the cleanest, safest, most environmentally sound coal in the world, we’re pleased to endorse Mac Warner for West Virginia Secretary of State.  Along with Friends of Coal, we represent over 12,000 coal miners and their families, along with all the people in West Virginia whose jobs depend on coal.  We’re appalled at Hillary Clinton, her supporter Natalie Tennant, and people like them who aim to put miners and mining companies out of business.  Coal is the lifeblood of West Virginia, and is a major contributor to West Virginia’s economy.  Clinton and Tennant just don’t get it when it comes to jobs in West Virginia.” 

“On the other hand,” Hamilton said, “Donald Trump and Mac Warner don’t just stand for coal, they fight for coal, for coal miners, and for all the ancillary jobs that flow from a robust economy fueled with coal.” 

Bill Raney, President of the West Virginia Coal Association, added, “our West Virginia coal miners are energy providers to the world. They are the heart and soul of our state. These men and women rise early every day to work hard in these coalfields. Shame on Hillary Clinton and Natalie Tennant for trying to put us out of work.  We are endorsing Mac Warner’s candidacy for Secretary of State because we need to end state and federal over reach and over regulation. It starts with electing an economic hawk in the Secretary of State’s office and putting coal miners back to work.”


In responding to the Coal Association’s endorsement, Mac Warner said, “we must do everything we can to help West Virginia’s economy.  As Secretary of State, I will work hard every day to eliminate red tape, to clean up our voter rolls, and to restore faith in our state government.  Coal is the lifeblood of West Virginia and the people who know that best are the Friends of Coal.  As Hillary Clinton’s biggest cheerleader, Natalie Tennant has made it more difficult, not less, for people to do business in our state. We have a lot of work to do to instill conservative policies in the Secretary of State’s office to protect our democracy and help boost West Virginia’s economy.”

Warner’s recent endorsements include:

·  WV Farm Bureau,

·  WV for Life,

·  Former Texas Governor Rick Perry,

·  Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV),

·  Congressman McKinley (R-WV1),

·  Congressman Jenkins (R-WV3),

·  Congressman Mooney (R-WV2), and

·  Former Republican WV Secretary of State candidate Barry Holstein