Trump Campaign Debuts the 'America First' App

Updated 2 years ago Edited from a Press Release

(New York, NY) August 26, 2016 – The Donald J. Trump Campaign announced the new app, ‘America First’, available on Android and iOS devices. The ‘America First’ app allows supporters of Donald J. Trump to engage with the campaign, meet fellow supporters, and collaborate to Make America Great Again by answering various calls to action and building an active online community of supporters.

Supporters can earn Action Points (AP) by signing up for campaign alerts, contributing to the campaign, checking in at events, sending messages to friends, and sharing campaign videos, images and other personalized content through various social networks.

Every Trump supporter has a unique personal profile where they can view and track their progress by unlocking up to 8 levels of Activist Badges, ranging from “Apprentice” to “Big League.” Supporters will see different content and opportunities in the app based on where they are located at the time.

‘America First’ also includes state and global leaderboards and social interaction with other supporters through a messaging system.

Join the official Donald Trump for President app below:

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