Casting for Vintage Cars for Netflix Mindhunter TV series‏

Updated 2 years ago
Casting for Vintage Cars for Netflix Mindhunter TV series‏

Get paid to have your vintage car on set! Looking for 1962-1982 model vehicles for the Netflix TV series “Mindhunter,” which is being filmed in Moundsville, WV on Sep. 21. According to an earlier article from Pittsburgh, “every day” types of vehicles built between 1962 and 1982, such as sedans, pickup trucks and station wagons qualify for consideration.

Submit photos of your vintage vehicle with your name and cell phone to .Owners are paid $175 for the first 12 hours on a shoot day, followed by time-and-a-half after that.

A typical day of shooting is 12-14 hours, rain or shine, so there's a possibility that vehicles will get wet.

Owners will be paid extra if selected to "drive" in a  shot or to be an extra in a background shot.

The series, shooting mostly in Pittsburgh, concerns the F.B.I.'s elite serial crime unit.



Anyone who is interested should email a picture of themselves and their car to Include your name, age, phone number, height and weight, along with the make, model, year and color of the car.


Producers also want to know if a vehicle is in its original condition.

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