Morgantown Extra Casting Call for Christian Sci-Fi movie based on West Virginia author's novel

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Morgantown Extra Casting Call  for Christian Sci-Fi movie based on West Virginia author's novel
Extras of all ages are needed  Monday, Sept. 12 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the feature film “Loophole” which is shooting in Morgantown, WV. According to the WV Film Office and JC Films, you must be available for the entire day. The scenes will be filmed in the Cheat Lake area. 

If interested, send an email to, and you will be provided more details. As filming continues during the next two weeks, additional casting notices for extras will be announced.

When Christian film production company JCFilms and Erik Estrada screened their film ‘Finding Faith’ in Morgantown several years ago, they never thought they would be shooting a film in Morgantown. "Loophole," the first Christian based science fiction film will be the company's 8th film shot there.

Their lineup includes films such as "Virtuous," "One Church," "Uncommon" and "Nail 32."

Based on an apocalyptic and science fiction novel  by Morgantown  author Jason Hostetler said,   “I was thrilled to have been approached by JCFilms in turning ‘Loophole’ into a feature film and to have the opportunity to actually film the movie locally is even more exciting."

“We know that science fiction themed films speak the common language to young people," explained Jason Campbell , president of JC Films. "Why not use this style of storytelling to spiritually challenge this generation?” he asked.

Chole Lukasiak
Chole Lukasiak

Hostetler, who is co-authoring the script, has introduced the filmmakers to many Morgantown locations.  In addition, he has reached out to many West Virginia celebrities. 

Chole Lukasiak ("Dance Moms," "Cowgirl's Story" and  Lifetime's "Center Stage: On Pointe" ) plays a college student caught up in a centuries old battle of good versus evil, as her bloodline contains the power to destroy the world or save it forever. Scott Whyte portrays a "watcher" protecting the young woman  and Chantelly Barry is an investigative journalist.










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